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SALSS 2014

It was the best SALSS ever.
(William A. Haseltine, Founder, Chairman & President, ACCESS HealthInternational)

Stockholm, 19th-21st August, 2015
Having entered a new decade of the Swedish-American Life Science Summit, I am proud to conclude that the 11th SALSS, which was held 19-21 August in a beautiful summer Stockholm, once again succeeded in delivering “the best SALSS ever”. Presenting a comprehensive program, with a clear thought progressing throughout the agenda to bring forth the focus topics, and at the same time creating a friendly, open-minded and relation-centered atmosphere, SALSS constitutes a distinguished network and platform for corporate and personal opportunities. I truly thank you all for your invaluable contribution to this year’s Summit and to making SALSS the asset it has become today! Looking forward, I am delighted to inform you that next year SALSS will be held 24-26 October and will preliminary focus on Value-Based Healthcare and Autoimmunology . Please make a reservation in your agenda!

Barbro C. Ehnbom
Founder & Chairman

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